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Game Music

I have just complete the synthesiser and mod player necessary for the game music, so I hope to have a new build of the software out in public during the next week.

It remains to be seen if it can be made to run on the ARM7 processor of the Dreamcast sound chip, or if it is too inefficient, I might have to run it on the SH3 and hopefully I can use DMA to load the wave stream to the AICA sound memory.


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Making good headway

The Fury project is well under way now.

Apart from the sound, I've got the bulk of the platform specific code out of the way and progress is a great deal quicker.

I've almost finished the language selection screens, and so I'm hoping to make a start on the game proper during next week.


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Fury project underway

The Fury project is now underway.

I am working on a platform test for the PC, which I hope to have available by the end of the week.

With luck, the first animation test will be available by then also.

When these are in place, I'll start to cross-compile for the Dreamcast as well.

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