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Future of this feed.

While looking at the dtg website, I noticed that they are providing an rss feed for the download schedule.

Because of this, I'm considering not bothering to fix this feed, and shutting it down.

If anyone actually uses my feed here and has a comment or opinion, please drop me an line.

Mail me


Feed not working

The feed is not currently working.

The DTG website updated it's look and feel on 16th March and as a result, the feed robot no longer understands the page.

This is not to suggest that the DTG shouldn't have updated their website. It's simply to say that I haven't yet got round to fixing the robot.

I hope to get it done by the end of the weekend.


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New Vestel Schedule (posted 12 March)

A new broadcast has been scheduled:
On Multiplex 1
Start Time (10am): 16/03/09
End Time (9am): 18/03/09
Manufacturer: Vestel
Model(s): T816 (DTR80), T815
Version: slipknotT810UK001-003_sections.sec
Status: Repeat


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New Vestel Schedule (posted 23 December)

A new broadcast has been scheduled:
On Multiplex 1
Start Time (10am): 31/12/08
End Time (9am): 05/01/09
Manufacturer: Vestel
Model(s): Wharfedale DV832B, Digihome DV940B/AV16890, Acoustic Solutions DV600B,
Seg AESEGS7B, Crown CDST900, Technika AESTBS7, Teknique 'Digital Vision', Agora AEAG008, Luxor CDSTB900, Proline DFV152L
Version: 1.7
Status: Repeat


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New Vestel Schedule (posted 4 December)

A new broadcast has been scheduled:
On Multiplex 1
Start Time (10am): 04/12/08
End Time (9am): 05/12/08
Manufacturer: Vestel
Model(s): Acoustic Solutions DV600B, Wharfedale DV832B,Digihome DV940B, Technika AESTBS7, Seg
CDST900, Techwood AESTBS7B
Version: 2.3
Status: New

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