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Braised Venison Steaks

I got a pair of venison leg steaks at the weekend. It seemed to someone like a good plan. Then I had a good look through my collection of recipe books to figure out how to cook them.

I had no joy there. The closest thing I could find to a useful recipe was for venison loin, courtesy of Elizabeth David's 'French Provincial Cooking'.

So in the end I had to make something up.

Take 1 small red onion and two rashers of back bacon, chopped medium fine. Saute in olive oil until golden. Lift out the onion and bacon and put to one side for later, then add a little more oil if necessary and bring the pan up to just about smoking point. Add the 2 venison leg steaks and stand back. Let them brown and turn them over to brown the other side. Then I turned the heat down to a little below medium and added a half ounce of butter. (You can probably do without the butter, but I was making it up as I went along.) When the butter is melted, pour in a good glass of robust red wine, a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. Season and add a stock cube. Put the onions and bacon back in, along with a handful of small peeled shallots. Cover and leave to simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally and turning the meat over half way through the time. If it looks as though the wine might all boil away, add a splash more.

At the end of the hour, the wine should have produced a nice rich dark gravy, remove the lid and carefully push the ingredients to one side of the pan, to make a bit of room. Take care with the shallots and they might be very delicate by now. Add a splash of cream to the pan and stir it into the gravy. Cook it through until it thickens slightly. Now serve, take the meat out onto two plates, carefully place the shallots on top and then spoon the onion and bacon and gravy over the top.

I served this with a gratin dauphinois, steamed purple sprouting brocolli and more of the lovely red wine.


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OMG Fudge

I've never tried to make fudge before. I've never got round to acquiring a sugar thermometer, so I've always been scared to try anything that involves setting sugar.

The thing is, grandmothers have been making fudge for years without the benefit of fancy brass thermometers, and I know that grannies have super-powers, but really, how hard can it be.

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The moist maker

The moist maker was just a throwaway line in an episode of the US Sitcom Friends, but just occasionally it's an indulgence worth making. It comes into its own the day after Christmas/Thanksgiving when you're making those turkey sandwiches.

All you do is take an extra slice of bread, soak it in warm gravy and put it in the middle of the sandwich along with the turkey (and the stuffing [and the cranberry sauce {and a few roast vegetables too}]).



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The Star Inn, Harome

The Star has been on our list of places to visit for a little while now. Nestling among the Howardian Hills, we pass close by on numerous trips around the area.

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Egg Mayonnaise

Two nights on the go now we've had a perfect egg mayonnaise. Monday I served it alongside steamed asparagus and spiced chipped potatoes; tonight it was steamed potatoes, pork and herb sausage and shredded iceberg lettuce. In both dishes the egg provides the moisture and it sets the vegetables off perfectly.

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