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Google Personalised Home Page

I've had Google's personal home page product on my home page for quite a while now. It was quite flaky at first, but it has gradually become more stable and more useful. Usually without my noticing.

I tried the MSN page briefly, but as Google and Microsoft worked on updating these products, the advantages and bugs swung back and forth until I got fed up and decided to choose the stick to the path of light and avoid the dark side for ever more.

Last week it occured to me that I could save some of my browsing time, but actually doing something with the homepage. I added a new tab and then I added the RSS feeds for most of the comics that I tend to try to keep up with.

Now instead of trying to remember 10 different urls and to remember to visit each one a couple of times a week, I can simply check the comics tab to see what's new.

It's made life a whole lot easier, but certainly take some element of fun away from it. There used to be a frisson of excitement as I waited for a site to load so that I could see if todays' comic was different from that I saw yesterday. Now all of that excitement is condensed into one single page.

Still, must move with the times.


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Only Boredom

Not content with giving their console a name that sounds very stupid in some languages, Nintendo's current advertising campaign gives the game away.

After shots of people using the controller to shoot and slash their way through mortal enemies, the voice over tells us...

Only ennui.

You can't make this stuff up.


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Digital HDD recorder - update

Well I've had my Sagem 7280T for a few weeks now and I guess it's staying. It's not done anything really terrible and so I'll live with it. The temperature controlled fan is a lot quieter that I expected and it's not been on all that often, even with the high temperatures we had here in the last few weeks. The persistent ticking from the hard disk itself is no louder than a clock and I can certainly live with that.

That's not to say that it functions perfectly. It has a few niggles and I'll outline them here so you can be aware of them.

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Turn on... Tune in... buy some cheap diamonique tat.

I finally joined the digital revolution. We bought a Sagem PVR 7280T twin tuner 80Gb HDD recorder.

There's very few people have anything nice to say about this model, except that it's very cheap, but so far it's not given us any grief. The manual is shocking, and the addenda that came in the box is a classic of Engrish except that I'm sure it was translated from something european.

Anyway I'll give it two weeks, and if it doesn't screw up too badly in that time, I'll keep it.


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TV - Video Connection is not a network

The last two days I've been having trouble browsing the internet. My browser kept trying to connect to a mysterious host.

Well that's obviously rubbish but I eventually tracked it down to a mysterious 3rd NIC that I seemed to have acquired as part of a Video Capture card installation.

No problem I thought, I'll just disable it and everything will be fine. But oh no, I can't disable that device, maybe it's not plug and play, or maybe a different user started it. That's ridiculous.

Eventually I got round it by giving the device a stupidly high metric, but what on earth is the point of such a device in the first place.

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