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Only Boredom

Not content with giving their console a name that sounds very stupid in some languages, Nintendo's current advertising campaign gives the game away.

After shots of people using the controller to shoot and slash their way through mortal enemies, the voice over tells us...

Only ennui.

You can't make this stuff up.


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I had reasonably high hopes for this film. Another outing for Equilibrium writer / director Kurt Wimmer. Was I disappointed?

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OMG Fudge

I've never tried to make fudge before. I've never got round to acquiring a sugar thermometer, so I've always been scared to try anything that involves setting sugar.

The thing is, grandmothers have been making fudge for years without the benefit of fancy brass thermometers, and I know that grannies have super-powers, but really, how hard can it be.

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The moist maker

The moist maker was just a throwaway line in an episode of the US Sitcom Friends, but just occasionally it's an indulgence worth making. It comes into its own the day after Christmas/Thanksgiving when you're making those turkey sandwiches.

All you do is take an extra slice of bread, soak it in warm gravy and put it in the middle of the sandwich along with the turkey (and the stuffing [and the cranberry sauce {and a few roast vegetables too}]).



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Digital HDD recorder - update

Well I've had my Sagem 7280T for a few weeks now and I guess it's staying. It's not done anything really terrible and so I'll live with it. The temperature controlled fan is a lot quieter that I expected and it's not been on all that often, even with the high temperatures we had here in the last few weeks. The persistent ticking from the hard disk itself is no louder than a clock and I can certainly live with that.

That's not to say that it functions perfectly. It has a few niggles and I'll outline them here so you can be aware of them.

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In a world where emotion is chemically suppressed and feelings are forbidden, a cleric sworn to uphold this law fails to take his morning dose.

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Turn on... Tune in... buy some cheap diamonique tat.

I finally joined the digital revolution. We bought a Sagem PVR 7280T twin tuner 80Gb HDD recorder.

There's very few people have anything nice to say about this model, except that it's very cheap, but so far it's not given us any grief. The manual is shocking, and the addenda that came in the box is a classic of Engrish except that I'm sure it was translated from something european.

Anyway I'll give it two weeks, and if it doesn't screw up too badly in that time, I'll keep it.


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The Star Inn, Harome

The Star has been on our list of places to visit for a little while now. Nestling among the Howardian Hills, we pass close by on numerous trips around the area.

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TV - Video Connection is not a network

The last two days I've been having trouble browsing the internet. My browser kept trying to connect to a mysterious host.

Well that's obviously rubbish but I eventually tracked it down to a mysterious 3rd NIC that I seemed to have acquired as part of a Video Capture card installation.

No problem I thought, I'll just disable it and everything will be fine. But oh no, I can't disable that device, maybe it's not plug and play, or maybe a different user started it. That's ridiculous.

Eventually I got round it by giving the device a stupidly high metric, but what on earth is the point of such a device in the first place.


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Egg Mayonnaise

Two nights on the go now we've had a perfect egg mayonnaise. Monday I served it alongside steamed asparagus and spiced chipped potatoes; tonight it was steamed potatoes, pork and herb sausage and shredded iceberg lettuce. In both dishes the egg provides the moisture and it sets the vegetables off perfectly.

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Courtyard Café - Castle Howard

Sunday brought us to Castle Howard, in the rain. After browsing the farm shop in the courtyard, we decided to try the Courtyard Café for lunch.

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Melton's has long been one of my favourite places to eat in York, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to book into. I was very pleased to be able to book a small party in on Saturday.

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The Farmer's Cart - Towthorpe

Saturday lunchtime, I needed to get out of the house for a bit, so we went to The Farmer's Cart. It's a farm-shop not far from home and we go there reasonably often to get fresh veg and organic meats. They have a small café and we thought it would be nice for lunch.

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IT strategy

I have a lot of things to do with my hobby IT, and we've got to figure out the right order to do things, and how future-proof our decisions seem to be.

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LG again

I managed to get a look at an LG running with the same analogue feed as the other TVs in the store, and I have to ay that it blew me away. Obviously you need to look at an LCD TV at the kind of distance that you intend viewing it from, but since I sometimes use our TV for console gaming, that distance can vary quite a bit. Even right up close the LG picture was sharp, bright and clear. There was very little bleeding and most impressive there was almost none of the "sparkle" that usually pervades LCD analogue images.

I'll go back and have another look sometime, but from the first viewing, it stood head and shoulders above any other LCD that I've looked at.


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I need a new telly

Our main domestic TV is on the fritz. To be completely honest, this is not new, it always had a habit of turning itself off if a taxi drove past, and the OSD had a way of moving around the screen every six months as though it got bored of the view and wanted to try something different. At the moment it's halfway off the screen to the left. There is a way of getting to a secret engineer's menu and adjusting it, but I've forgotten how and I can't be bothered to go and root out the instruction manual.

The big problem now with the telly is that it has trouble maintaining the vertical field. After a few minutes of use, the picture starts to collapse in on itself, eventually it forms a single bright line across the centre of the screen and if we're lucky it turns itself off.

We bought a new shiny Philips LCD a couple of weeks ago, but it was supposed to come with an digital tuner and it didn't so we sent it back. Now we've been putting off getting a new one because it's that time of year when everyone brings out their new models. If we wait a few more weeks, we might be able to get one of last year's models reduced to clear.

The LG's look gorgeous, but I think that might be because they all seem to be on a special LG display stand and they're running from High Definition Video Feeds. Everything else on the shop is showing some rubbish DVD from a massive splitter somewhere in the store-room. It's hardly a fair comparison and although I think the LG is probably pretty darned good, I don't want to be taken by surprise.

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It's been such a long time, and at least someone pretends to read this because the told me to update it.

I'm still here, still struggling to get round to doing stuff on the website.

The truth is that I have been doing other fun stuff, but not a lot of webby stuff. I have written a console game and it should get published some time this year. I'll update as soon as it does. (I promise)

I'm part way through writing a nice tutorial and when that's done I'll try and update the whole tutorial thing on here. Many of the tutorials are a little bit broken and they all need a good airing.

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