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TV - Video Connection is not a network

The last two days I've been having trouble browsing the internet. My browser kept trying to connect to a mysterious host.

Well that's obviously rubbish but I eventually tracked it down to a mysterious 3rd NIC that I seemed to have acquired as part of a Video Capture card installation.

No problem I thought, I'll just disable it and everything will be fine. But oh no, I can't disable that device, maybe it's not plug and play, or maybe a different user started it. That's ridiculous.

Eventually I got round it by giving the device a stupidly high metric, but what on earth is the point of such a device in the first place.


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Egg Mayonnaise

Two nights on the go now we've had a perfect egg mayonnaise. Monday I served it alongside steamed asparagus and spiced chipped potatoes; tonight it was steamed potatoes, pork and herb sausage and shredded iceberg lettuce. In both dishes the egg provides the moisture and it sets the vegetables off perfectly.

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Courtyard Café - Castle Howard

Sunday brought us to Castle Howard, in the rain. After browsing the farm shop in the courtyard, we decided to try the Courtyard Café for lunch.

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Melton's has long been one of my favourite places to eat in York, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to book into. I was very pleased to be able to book a small party in on Saturday.

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The Farmer's Cart - Towthorpe

Saturday lunchtime, I needed to get out of the house for a bit, so we went to The Farmer's Cart. It's a farm-shop not far from home and we go there reasonably often to get fresh veg and organic meats. They have a small café and we thought it would be nice for lunch.

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