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The moist maker

The moist maker was just a throwaway line in an episode of the US Sitcom Friends, but just occasionally it's an indulgence worth making. It comes into its own the day after Christmas/Thanksgiving when you're making those turkey sandwiches.

All you do is take an extra slice of bread, soak it in warm gravy and put it in the middle of the sandwich along with the turkey (and the stuffing [and the cranberry sauce {and a few roast vegetables too}]).



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Digital HDD recorder - update

Well I've had my Sagem 7280T for a few weeks now and I guess it's staying. It's not done anything really terrible and so I'll live with it. The temperature controlled fan is a lot quieter that I expected and it's not been on all that often, even with the high temperatures we had here in the last few weeks. The persistent ticking from the hard disk itself is no louder than a clock and I can certainly live with that.

That's not to say that it functions perfectly. It has a few niggles and I'll outline them here so you can be aware of them.

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In a world where emotion is chemically suppressed and feelings are forbidden, a cleric sworn to uphold this law fails to take his morning dose.

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