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Courtyard Café - Castle Howard

Sunday brought us to Castle Howard, in the rain. After browsing the farm shop in the courtyard, we decided to try the Courtyard Café for lunch.


Because of the rain, it was busy in there, and we were advised that there would be a delay until they could find us a table. They helpfully told us that there were three other eateries in the grounds of the estate, and they had set up some seats inside as a waiting area because of the rain. We wandered around the plant center for a while and then went back to the café when things had quietened a little.

As it was, with at party of five we still had to wait a little for a table, but the temporary waiting area was comfortably and didn't feel too much in the way. When our table was ready, there was no sense of cramped space.

I had fish and chips. That's not quite what it says on the menu, but it was beautiful. A sturdy piece of cod, cooked in a light frothy beer batter, enough for the flavour, but not so much as to be heavy and greasy. The chips were thin, and nicely browned, cut from a flavoursome seasonal potato and served with a tangy tartare sauce and a minted pea puree. At £9.50, I think it's a very expensive plate of fish and chips, but the quality and flavour were such that it compares very well in the “Stately Home Eatery” stakes.

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