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The Farmer's Cart - Towthorpe

Saturday lunchtime, I needed to get out of the house for a bit, so we went to The Farmer's Cart. It's a farm-shop not far from home and we go there reasonably often to get fresh veg and organic meats. They have a small café and we thought it would be nice for lunch.


I've been before, I knew the food was good, but it's often very busy. We queued for about 15 minutes, about 5 couples ahead of us, but part of the seating area was shut off behind doors, probably holding a private party. I didn't think the wait was unreasonable.

Knowing that we were eating a main meal that evening, we opted for dishes from the light bites menu, and they were light indeed. I had the sausage roll, which was exactly that, a single sausage roll, cut in half and served with the chutney of the day, (a sweet tomato chutney with what seemed to be a hint of paprika.)

It was disappointing looking on the plate, but in fact it was perfect. The sausage was perfectly seasoned, the rich flaky pastry made just the quantity of crumbs you expect from a good sausage roll, and the chutney complemented it perfectly. It was surprisingly filling, and by the end of it, I decided that I'd made the right choice.

C. had the Pork Pie, an individual Mountfield Pork Pie, one of the recognised specialities available at the Farmer's Cart and again served with the chutney of the day, while K. had the soup of the day which was a surprisingly well-balanced and subtle fennel.

Despite the fact that they were obviously busy, the service was up to it's usual standard and it was a thoroughly enjoyable snack.

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