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I had reasonably high hopes for this film. Another outing for Equilibrium writer / director Kurt Wimmer. Was I disappointed?


Well, yes and no.

The film looks very nice, as does Milla Jovovich in the lead, but its looks are flawed. To understand why, perhaps we need to try and second guess Wimmers intentions...

...In Equilibrium, Wimmer played with a style of martial arts he called the Gun Katta. Its a recorded fact that at the time he was after a fluid wushu style of fighting, but was unable to acheive that. This film seems to be his attempt to get where he really wanted. We see an inordinate amount of new and innovative fight sequences, using both guns and swords in stunning set pieces impressively set off in a distinctive series of geometric environments.

But, the film turns in to one long parade of 'exciting' set piece fights after another. The plot such as it is, is interesting, but you won't find much trace of it until at least the last third of the film. And the fight direction is distracting, far too choppy. Every few minutes you find yourself mentally reviewing the last few seconds of footage to try and figure out what just happened.

If you were a fan of the Gun Katta, this is a film well worth watching, but it suffers from being too much about an abstracted concept of martial arts and little else.

I'm glad I saw it, but it WAS disappointing.

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