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friendly dreamcast font seeker [Visitor]
this would be really valuable to get working in Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. it's still being maintained and updated by fans to this day, but the fonts are all wrong! if there's anything you still have that you could share, it would be much appreciated - I doubt any lawyers will come after you for something they abandoned 20 years ago~
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admin [Member]
The page is quite broken at the moment. It doesn't really work at all for me on Chrome on windows, although it does work on my phone.

The reason I didn't just make it all available to download, is that this information is copyright Sega Corporation, and it would not be legal for me to do so.

I'll try to fix the page, but I don't think I'm going to be able to provide download links.
Permalink 09/08/21 @ 08:03

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SEGAfan421 [Visitor]
Can you please set a download link instead of separate images? This makes it hard. Thank you!
Permalink 06/08/21 @ 13:52


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