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Artworks - junk

When I first decided to do some girlie desktops, I looked for a nice source picture, and this one of Angelina Jolie came up. I wasn't really a big fan at first, but it kind of grew on me.

If you're wondering about the dragon, it's a design that she has as a tattoo on her left arm.
This is just another treatment of the same image. There's just one layer which is different, and the rest is all the same.
Sarah Alexander has been on British television for a little while now. I saw her on something recently and it inspired me to go looking for a nice picture.

I didn't really do anything with this image, it was black and white, I tidied up the background to make it a little smoother and then added the gradient.
Something I knocked up after we had a break-in at work.
Experimenting with creating an image from scratch. A Quake III desktop in steel.
Experimenting with creating an image from scratch. A Quake II desktop in blue neon.
I was going to do a whole series of these desktops, each featuring a different substance of abuse.

I never got round to doing the others but I did have in mind: nicotine, alcohol, mdma etc.