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Raspberry Pi

I bought a Raspberry Pi.

Partly to have a look at it and get to grips with it.

And partly to use to further my research.

I have a new research project (also documented on the forums) and I hope that the two will feed into one another.


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Yamaha OPL project

I've started a research project to investigate the behaviour of the Yamaha OPL3 chipset.

rather than documenting this through a blog, I thought I would use my forum


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Hosting new site

I'm hosting a site for my colleague Alastair. He is part of a small crew sailing right around the UK mainland over the next 5 weeks.

You can check on their progress here


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Terms and conditions

I have added some terms of use, these are linked from the front page.


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New artwork - poster in the makings

I am working on a nice poster design.

Mexican Wave

I've posted some wallpaper based on this, in the art section

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